Welcome to my website which shows a collection of my works of art. Since 1985 I have been working as a visual artist. My main focus has been on painting and drawing, but occasionally I get carried away by working in 3D. Subjects are everywhere around and always close by: the people I love, the park and places I see every day, the newspaper and television. In my latest works, I mix elements to represent stories and memories.

Recently I completed a series of 24 paintings about Schuberts song cycle 'Die Winterreise'. An exhibition is programmed at the Goethe-Institut in my hometown Rotterdam. See the news page for more information. Not to be missed!

  Come along,
  wander, meander
  get lost,

  Look around,
  smell colours, touch lines
  telling stories,

  Drift, find
  no horizon,
  explore, wonder,

  Come again.